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Hitchhikers are a special lot. They have in mind a destination, but realize that the unexpected and unknown twists of the journey are just as important as finally getting there. Hitchhikers are willing to be surprised and in fact relish the discovery of something new and different.

This course was written with hitchhikers in mind. It was written for people who don't already have their minds made up - for people who are willing to be surprised by what they read in the pages of the Bible. The pages assembled on-line will never stand alone as a conventional introduction to the Bible. Instead, throughout the course I have assumed that the reader has accessible such an introduction and, within these pages, have attempted to draw attention to the "so what" of the biblical text. I have assumed freedom to explore some of the nooks and crannies of the Bible which are seen only by hitchhikers and never by those in a rush to get somewhere. I have assumed a willingness to be surprised by what may be uncovered.

It is my hope that you, too, may enjoy and profit from a hitchhiker's journey through the pages of this very special collection of books - the Bible.




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